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A New Era in Affordable Healthcare For Australians

Did you know that 1 in 16 Australians delay seeking healthcare due to cost? And that only 9 in 16 are covered by some sort of private health insurance?

Looking after your health can get expensive, and private health is out of reach for a lot of Australians – which is why we created WellOne. A revolutionary way to save on your healthcare costs, as a WellOne member you get instant access to large discounts on services such as Dental, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Optical, and more.

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My wife usually manages the family's health, but when she was away I needed a physiotherapist for our daughter, WellOne came to the rescue! Not just for saving money, but also for finding the right practitioner.


- Melbourne, VIC

I use WellOne paying for treatment, and then claim back on my private health insurance - it's the best of both world's!


- Melbourne, VIC

The Dentist gave me a large quote for treatment, I was comparing online and found WellOne. I like their system, because you get the same treatment, but for a discount.


- Melbourne, VIC

I've used WellOne for Physio, Optical and Dental - it's amazing!


- Melbourne, VIC

My husband and I make back the cost of our WellOne membership with one visit to the Dentist every year.


- Melbourne, VIC

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