SEO Expert Helpful Hints to Rank YouTube Videos

SEO Expert Helpful Hints to Rank YouTube Videos

Video Marketing is a massively growing market and will continue to grow as some recent stats were released reporting the fact that by 2018, 80% of all traffic on the internet will be video. This is also why you will have recently seen a big push from all of the Social Media Networks to incorporate Video and Live Video streams into their service offerings. Our team at Top SEO Pages, SEO Perth video marketing specialists have some useful tips on what you can do to effectively market your business with YouTube and Google (who also own YouTube).

Firstly, as is the case with any marketing activities and SEO activities, research your target market. These are some of the questions you will want to take into consideration. Who are you trying to reach? What message are you planning to convey? What pain point and solution are you looking to address? What keywords are you targeting? What are the search volumes for those keywords? Can you incorporate Long Tail Keyword variations into your more competitive keywords?

Now when it comes to the YouTube Channel and YouTube video itself. Take these points into consideration. Make sure to use an aged Google account for your YouTube Channel, because like Google Aged Domains, Aged Google accounts naturally carry more authority (the term used in YouTube is RPI – Rank Power Index). Be concise with the message you trying to convey, because average person’s attention span is short so you need to cater for this. Keep your video length between 2min to no longer than 5min long, again catering for people’s attention span but also getting to the point. Always include some form of a Call to Action, so that you can work on leading your visitor down sales funnel to become a prospective buyer into your services or products.

Ok, so let’s revisit the keywords again now that you have created a targeted video for your niche based keywords, you will want to inform Google and also YouTube what your targeted keyword is. You will do this by including the keyword in your Title, Description, Anchor Text, Tags, etc. Make sure to embed the keyword and its variations at the top of the description. Remember to include a call to actions, like a Contacts Us now and leave your main contact number.

As you start to grow your number of ranking and non-ranking videos, you will want to link wheel them together. This is where you would start to optimise your video content within each video description include links to your other Youtube videos. This helps to power up the authority of your other videos and create a circle of authority for all your videos. Also, make sure to include links in your Description back to your website and other social media networking sites, as this helps to add more link juice back to your website.

Lastly, now that you have created a number of linked videos, you will want to high power index them, so you basically enforcing the fact that Google is now aware of your new videos and indexes them so they start to appear when searched by new prospective visitors. Our Perth SEO experts use a very useful tool called Backlinks Indexer to achieve these results, however, you can use any link indexing provider to achieve the desired result.




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