How to get started with Google’s AMP initiative?

It's no secret that speed matters. Page speed is a confirmed Google rankings factor and it has been proven that slow loading websites are associated with higher bounce rates.   That’s no Bueno.   If that’s not convincing enough for you to speed up your web pages. Did you...

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White Hat vs Black Hat: The PBN vs The PIN

There is a bit of discussion within the SEO community about white hat versus black hat and having a PBN (Private Blog Network) against building up a PIN (Personal Influencer Network). There are common arguments on both sides of the coin that makes it rather an...

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Personalizing Facebook adverts with marketing automation

Social media, perhaps, is the biggest technological revolution to benefit from the inherent connectedness of the internet– catapulting once-unknown words like "Tweeting", "over Reddit" and common phrases like "we got talking over social.." into everyday coffee- time conversation topics.     A dose of insight: “People today spend...

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